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Chase UK, a JPMorgan affiliate, will limit cryptocurrency transactions

Effective October 16th, Chase Bank patrons residing in the United Kingdom shall encounter an impediment in executing cryptocurrency transactions. Chase Bank, a subsidiary of the renowned financial services entity JPMorgan Chase, will impose a blanket prohibition on all cryptocurrency-associated transactions for its clientele within the United Kingdom.

Commencing October 16th, denizens of the United Kingdom who patronize Chase Bank shall find themselves bereft of the ability to engage in cryptocurrency transactions, whether through debit card transactions or outbound bank transfers. A spokesperson conveyed this directive to Cointelegraph on the 26th day of September.

The bank stated, “Should any endeavor be made to execute a transaction associated with cryptocurrencies, patrons shall receive a notification indicating the transaction’s rejection.”

According to the bank’s representative, the imposition of these novel restrictions is a direct response to the surge in fraudulent activities and scams plaguing the realm of cryptocurrencies. The spokesperson cited data from Britain’s authoritative fraud reporting agency, Action Fraud, which pointed to an alarming increase of over 40% in consumer losses attributable to cryptocurrency-related fraud, as of May 2023. The agency reported that losses within the United Kingdom had surpassed a staggering 300 million British pounds (equivalent to $365 million).

In justification of these measures, the Chase spokesperson affirmed, “Our primary objective is to safeguard the financial interests of our patrons and preserve the integrity of their finances. We have witnessed an escalating wave of cryptocurrency-related scams targeting consumers in the United Kingdom. Therefore, we have taken the decisive step of prohibiting cryptocurrency asset purchases using Chase debit cards or facilitating fund transfers to cryptocurrency platforms from Chase accounts.”

Chase Bank initially disseminated information about its revised cryptocurrency policies through an email communication sent to its clients on September 26th. The bank elaborated, stating, “This decision stems from the fact that malicious actors are increasingly exploiting cryptocurrency assets to perpetrate substantial financial losses upon unsuspecting individuals.”

Following the communication, some of Chase’s clients on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) promptly reported receiving the email regarding the policy amendments on the same platform. Many expressed their indignation, contending that the bank’s actions curtailed the liberty to engage with cryptocurrencies under the pretext of safeguarding investors.

Chase Bank, a retail-centric financial institution that extends fee-free banking services through its mobile application, operates an extensive network of over 4,600 branches across the globe. Chase has garnered a clientele exceeding 50 million active users. The recent restrictions will impact only a marginal fraction, approximately 2%, of its global user base, with the United Kingdom’s patronage reaching the one-million mark as of September 2022.

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