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Coinbase Attempts to Regain ‘Trust’ with Bitcoin Giveaways Following 2FA Error

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, promises to regain the “trust” of the consumers. They frightened their customers with a blunder. They sent emails to “roughly 125,000” individuals with “erroneous notifications” regarding changes to their account security settings. And the company since are attempting to calm consumers’ fears by giving out BTC to “a limited number” of them.

2FA Blunder

Users reported feeling “panicked” after receiving notifications from the trading platform. Therefore, informing them that someone had erroneously altered their two-factor authentication (2FA) settings.

According to a CNBC report, the Coinbaise technical department did not appear to grasp what was going on.

The problem was an “internal” malfunction, not a hack, according to the conversation.

Some consumers, though, were frightened into making hasty decisions. A 53-year-old former police officer cites the same media site believing the message suggests that someone has hacked his wallet. The guy went on to sell USD 60,298 in cryptocurrency. Therefore, claiming that the tokens were “an investment, he was making for his grandson.”

Coinbase Responds

“We encountered a notice delivery problem that issued SMS text messages and email alerts informing users that someone changed their account 2FA settings,” Coinbase stated.

However, even after Coinbase purportedly addressed the issue, several users claimed they were still having trouble accessing the app.

Some individuals on Reddit, both in the US and the UK, claimed that Coinbase had compensated them with USD 100 worth of bitcoin, while others joked that Coinbase was “trying to give people heart attacks” with the erroneous notifications.

Coinbase stated that it was “crediting a limited number of adversely affected individuals by this event with USD 100 in BTC” on its subreddit. However, it advised consumers to call its support staff instead of venting their frustrations on Reddit.

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