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Coinbase Blocks 1000 Bitcoin Transactions After Elon Musk, Barack Obama Twitter Hack

The twitter hack by an alleged Bitcoin thief on the verified twitter handles of Elon Musk, Barack Obama left a repelling effect. The effect has seen some of the major drawbacks in the crypto world.

One such drawback came from crypto-currency exchange Coinbase. Following the turmoil, as a precautionary measure, Coinbase blocked as many as thousand transactions.

The Twitter hack mostly saw celebrities posting Bitcoin related posts associated to scam. Some even fell for the scam and had sent Bitcoins to the address given by the hackers.

Coinbase were notified that hackers targeted employees with access to internal tools. As a result, it has now limited access to these tools and temporarily blocked users.

It has been said that the scammers stole $120,000 in total.

“Even with this added $280,000 to the pot, this is still a very unsuccessful scam given the reach that the hackers achieved through the hacking of these highly prominent Twitter accounts,” commented Dr Alexi Drew, a cybersecurity expert at King’s College, London.

Coinbase made the strict move to make sure that the scammers are stopped.

“Exchanges, as they seek greater legitimacy and recognition in financial markets and institutions, are taking on more of the responsibilities of that.

“While Coinbase might have these proactive policies in place, that doesn’t mean that all exchanges do, nor that all crypto-currencies are in the process of being brought into the fold of regulated financial systems.

“There are other exchanges and crypto-currencies that are far more lax and far better suited to nefarious use.”

It should be noted that Coinbase is the largest in terms of Bitcoin exchange.

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