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Coinbase is going public it’s the beginning of a long race

Coinbase is going public it's the beginning  of a long race
Coinbase (Courtesy: Twitter)

Coinbase Nasdaq’s debut dramatic week has ended paving a way to get back and reflect on it. Lot of airtime and pixel already beamed by this time. They have been a lot of analysis regarding the valuation and the growth Outlook.

New types of asset

Coinbase has become an essential part of the regular traditional financial set up by joining the ranks of the listed companies. In a couple of recent announcements, the Coinbase commitment to the capital market reform can be seen.
People are wondering if Armstrong Coinbase CEO and co-founder is selling out by going public. But going public is not contradictory at all if you look deeper and understand the strategic move to influence the system from within.

As Money speaks Louder Than words Coinbase recently acquired Bison trials, a startup that is focused on services in order to expand into the infrastructure-as-a-service segment. It is not just providing a platform for the buyers and sellers of crypto tokens. It is also providing relatively easy methods for new investors to take their baby steps into Crypto.

New beginnings

The main point here is that Coinbase did not sell out. It took a revolutionary step and gave its shareholders liquidity. It also helped them by setting a stage for easier and cheaper capital rises which keep going forward. The main takeaway here is that the Crypto market business is now in the big league. This is the place where the original impact on the current system starts.

Understanding Coinbase worth

It is not easy to value a Startup as the private companies don’t give much information out. Since the company went public recently we will not understand how much profitable is the business. Bitcoin popularity is giving many competitors for Coinbase. According to Axios report, the company’s value is $100 billion since it gave its shares to the market. We cannot conclude about its market because Coinbase got opened to public and it remains unknown.

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