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Coinmarketcap Glitch Made Many Trillions Of Profits Per A Coin

So, Coinmarketcap is giving alot of crypto investors a December heart race with a few hours of glitch on their system. Notably, December 14, 2021, many cryptocurrency holders were has trillions in just a few minutes.

Furthermore, Coinmarketcap is the most popular price aggregator in the cryptocurrency industry. Of course, it shows some glitches, showing price spikes in the order of several trillions of dollars.

Notably, Coinmarketcap shows Bitcoin at $850,867,136,053.72, Ethereum at $179,598,602,169.65. Then, BNB at $33,520,911,478. Funnily, Even stablecoins also spikes, with USDC showing a price of $42,042,904 and USDT at $69,894,267.23.

Of course, The price inconsistency has an impact on other service providers. More so, other cryptocurrency wallets like Jax, which gets its data from Coinmarketcap also note the glitch. Of course, it’s notable that crypto balances remained in line with reality.

Additionally, some websites that track cryptocurrency prices also have those bugs too. Notably, CNBC shows trillion-dollar rises in cryptocurrency prices, while Yahoo Finance shows Bitcoin declining to the $30K range.

Furthermore, No exchange records any abnormal behavior or considerable price variation. Lastly, everything is now normal, after Coinmarketcap helps the situation at hand.

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