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Crypto analysts are paying close attention to Tradecurve, Shiba Inu, and XRP

The cryptocurrency market might have been in a consolidation period throughout the prior week, but as of recently it is speculated among investor circles that another bull cycle is coming. The biggest gains during this time could be Tradecurve, Shiba Inu, and XRP, as investors have been eyeing them as diversification opportunities. We will dive into each one of these cryptocurrencies individually to see why they have stood out from the rest. 


Why Shiba Inu Gained Investor Attention

The Shiba Inu testnet blockchain, known as “Puppynet,” has crossed 20 million transactions. A large whale added over $10 million worth of Shiba Inu tokens, according to on-chain data as well.  

The testnet was designed for testing purposes and mimicked the activity on the mainnet, allowing developers to debug any issues and monitor the network’s activity. Shibarium is touted as the next major development for the Shiba Inu ecosystem, and the hype is getting a lot of traction. The address that added $10 million worth of tokens now has 5.3 trillion SHIB, worth $35 million at current prices, based on data analysis from Lookonchain.  

As of June 13, 2023, Shiba Inu trades at $0.00000677. When we go over its weekly performance, Shiba Inu had its low point at $0.00000591, with its high point at $0.00000826. In the last 24 hours, the SHIB cryptocurrency has been up 1.9%, indicating that it is binning its climb into the green zone.

XRP To Get a Massive Surge in Value

The chairman and CEO behind the Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings Inc, Yoshitaka Kitao, has made a bullish prediction for the future of the XRP cryptocurrency. In a speech in front of an audience, Kiato made several statements that are likely to grab the XRP community’s attention.

According to Kiato, the ongoing legal battle between Ripple Labs and the SEC over the classification of XRP could come to an end as early as the next few weeks. Moreover, he expects XRP prices to rise sharply if the court rules in Ripple’s favor. 

As of June 13, 2023, XRP trades at $0.534334. In the last 30 days, XRP has been up 25.1%. Within the last week, the low point for XRP was at $0.486993, with the high point at $0.540311. If things turn bullish for XRP and it retains this momentum, it could climb to $1 by the end of the year. 

Tradecurve Expected to Climb 100x 

Tradecurve is an emerging player in the online trading space and combines derivatives with crypto trading in an all-in-one platform, this innovative approach gained a lot of attention.

Another way where Tradecurve differentiates itself from its peers is that it is one of the most private environments on the market, and anonymous trading will encourage anyone from anywhere to get into the trading space. Tradecurve also provides access to high leverage starting at 500:1, and this offers traders amplified opportunities for making profits. 

TCRV is used for staking, where users can get passive income, for governance, and for a reduction in the subscription fees from the Copy Trader feature. The platform will also bolster transparency by implementing Proof of Reserves (PoR). With all of this in mind, TCRV can make for one of the best investments in 2023, especially if bought before the project launches.

Analysts predict that Tradecurve can climb 100x in value, and with its Stage 3 presale price being at $0.015, this would mean that it can spike to $1.5 when it launches and TCRV gets listed on Tier-1 exchanges and on Uniswap.

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