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Crypto Community Urged to Stay Vigilant as Crypto Hacks Decline in Q1 2023

The crypto community may have experienced a significant decline in crypto hacks during the first quarter of 2023. Still, experts are warning that this is likely a temporary reprieve rather than a long-term trend. With 2022 being the worst year for crypto hacking in history, with billions of dollars stolen, caution and vigilance remain paramount.

A Promising Start to the Year

According to a recent report by TRM Labs, the amount stolen through crypto hacks in Q1 2023 was considerably lower than any other quarter in 2022. This positive development was accompanied by a notable drop of nearly 65% in the average hack size compared to the previous year. Despite the reduced numbers, experts urge the crypto community not to become complacent.

History Repeats Itself

Crypto users are well aware that a decline in hacks does not guarantee long-term safety. In fact, TRM Labs points out that similar patterns were observed in Q3 2022 when hack incidents significantly decreased, only to be followed by a record-setting number of hacks in Q4, culminating in a record-breaking year for crypto theft. The message is clear: constant vigilance is crucial.

The Potential for Another Surge

TRM Labs warns that the current decline is merely a temporary pause, as just a few large-scale attacks could tip the scales once again. While the reasons for the recent lull remain uncertain, the sanctioning of cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash by the U.S. Treasury and the arrest of Mango Markets’ exploiter, Avraham Eisenberg, are cited as potential deterrents to would-be hackers.

The Road Ahead

Blockchain security firm Certik expects no respite in the coming months, emphasizing the likelihood of hackers targeting bridges in 2023. Such bridges were responsible for six out of the ten largest exploits in 2022, resulting in approximately $1.4 billion in theft. The community must stay proactive and implement robust security measures to prevent further breaches.

Although the first quarter of 2023 saw a decline in crypto hacks, the crypto community cannot afford to let its guard down. History has shown that temporary slowdowns are often followed by surges in hacking activities. While the reasons for the decline remain unclear, it is crucial for users to remain cautious and implement strong security practices to safeguard their digital assets. By staying vigilant and proactive, the community can mitigate potential threats and ensure a safer crypto ecosystem in the future.


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