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Crypto Spam Bots Go Silent While Musk Promises to Prosecute Scammers

Some crypto Twitter users have already reported a decrease in the amount of scam bots after Elon Musk’s new adjustments to the social media network.

Elon Musk’s newest volley in his Twitter fight against crypto spam bots seems to have had an effect, with the crypto community reporting a significant decrease in the number of bots reacting to their tweets.

The Twitter CEO intimated in a Dec. 11 tweet that “bots are in for a surprise tomorrow,” and subsequently added that they’ve discovered a small number of persons behind a high number of bot/troll accounts, and the site would be locking down IP addresses of “known bad actors.”

He went on to say that although fraudsters may attempt various tactics to get over the IP address limitation, Twitter will “turn them off as soon as they come up.”

Shibetoshi Nakamoto is the pen name of Billy Markus, the co-creator of the meme currency. In a Dec. 11 post, Dogecoin said, “I created a test post and instead of seeing 50 bot replies, I only saw one tremendous progress, extremely excited.”

Other people proceeded to test Musk’s recent adjustments as well. PlanB, a Bitcoin analyst and investor, created a chart to track how many bots responded. At the time of writing, no bot answers have shown in the comments.

While Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin remarked that “Twitter *seems* to be somewhat nicer to use recently,” he couldn’t determine whether this was due to Musk.

“I’m not sure how to differentiate something Elon done from crypto-winter from my brain seeing changes that aren’t truly there,” he said.

Some users have complained that bot answers continue to appear on postings, but are immediately deleted by the platform.

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