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By Q1 2024, MoneyGram will release non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets.

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MoneyGram, the payment processing giant, is poised to introduce its very own noncustodial cryptocurrency wallet. The announcement was made by the company’s CEO, Alex Holmes, during the annual Meridian conference hosted by the Stellar Development Foundation.

Scheduled for a debut in the first quarter of 2024, this noncustodial cryptocurrency wallet will be intricately woven into the Stellar network. A collaborative effort between MoneyGram and Cheesecake Labs has birthed this innovation, leveraging the robust Stellar network alongside MoneyGram’s seamless fiat on and off-ramp services to facilitate instantaneous transactions. Remarkably, users will enjoy fee-free usage until June 2024.

Intriguingly, this wallet empowers users with the ability to harness stablecoin technology, enabling fluid transitions between conventional fiat currencies and their digital counterparts. This strategic move reinforces MoneyGram’s unwavering commitment to its core strengths—cross-border remittances and swift payment settlements. Moreover, users will have the capability to transmit digital assets to fellow users, expanding its utility beyond measure.

In an effort to enhance the utility of digital assets, MoneyGram’s wallet extends the convenience of cashing out at any partner MoneyGram facility. Furthermore, the company assures heightened security by granting all wallet users access to its comprehensive global compliance screening tools, a significant stride toward ensuring safer and more secure digital asset transactions.

MoneyGram’s recent evolution has seen it pivot into the digital asset market, culminating in the development of its global fiat on and off-ramp service for digital wallets in 2022. Since its inception, this service has seamlessly integrated with eight Stellar network digital wallets, enabling consumers to cash out across a staggering 180 countries and make cash deposits in over 30 nations.

Stellar, MoneyGram’s trusted partner in this venture, also holds a stake in the remittance powerhouse. The Stellar Development Foundation secured a minority stake in MoneyGram in August, thereby securing a pivotal seat on MoneyGram’s board of directors.

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