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Dogecoin Dev Tool Update Adds QR Codes, Moon Phases, BIP-39 Seed Support

A significant update to the libdogecoin toolset has been made available by the Dogecoin Foundation, as stated in an announcement made by the developer Michi Lumin on March 23. Lumin referred to the update as a “big one” and stated that the release includes a variety of bug fixes and improvements in addition to a number of brand new features.

Support for BIP39, a standard that is widely used by Bitcoin wallets and other wallets to create and restore addresses, is specifically included in this update. Additionally, complete support has been added for address standards such as BIP32, BIP44, and SLIP44 as part of this update.

This translates to users having more options available to them in relation to seedphrases, which are lists of common words that function as mnemonics. Lumin claims that support for multiple languages is available.

In addition to this, the toolset has the capability to generate QR codes, which are frequently utilized in financial transactions involving mobile wallets. The upgrade also includes a novelty feature: as investors frequently wish for the price of Dogecoin to “go to the moon,” libdogecoin can now display the current phase of the moon. Other, more technical features can be found explained on GitHub and in a post made by Lumin on Twitter.

These features are designed with developers in mind, specifically those who are creating their own Dogecoin wallets or other software. Nevertheless, regular users can also use many of these features by running an executable file titled “such,” which is a reference to the “dogespeak” that is seen in the meme itself.

Over the past day, the value of dogecoin has decreased by 3.1%. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has experienced losses of a comparable nature and is currently 2.9% lower over the same time period. With a market cap of $10.4 billion, Dogecoin maintains its position as one of the top ten most valuable cryptocurrencies.


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