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Dogecoin (DOGE) Unveils Massive Update To Ease Development of the Leading Meme Coin

One of the core developers of the popular meme asset Dogecoin (DOGE) is releasing a number of significant updates to the blockchain in order to make it simpler for developers to work on the protocol.

In a new announcement, DOGE developer Michi Lumin informs their 32,000 followers on Twitter that many changes are coming to the project. Some of these changes include support for QR codes, message signing, other languages, and Windows builds. Lumin explains how the upcoming upgrade will add language support for users who are not developers as well as those who are.

“Libdogecoin now supports generation of seedphrases to and from keys, and it does so in a variety of languages. This functionality is available as a utility for use by non-developers within the’such’ executable that is included, and it can be used to generate mnemonic phrases.

The programmer goes on to say that the blockchain will now be able to support message signing as well as image-generating QR codes. In addition to this, the blockchain will also be able to support QR codes.

“Libdogecoin now has the ability to generate QR codes on the fly in text, jpeg, and png formats without the requirement of any additional libraries. In addition to that, functional in the’such’ utility. The signing and verification of messages and transactions is now supported by Libdogecoin.

Other features include the ability for libdogecoin to be “ready-to-build” once loaded into MS Visual Studio on Windows, as well as the ability for developers to query a flag to determine if it was built with network functionality or not. This feature is only available on Windows.

According to the developer, the upgrade also includes fixes to a wide variety of recurrent issues that developers may have come across when building on top of the meme asset. Some examples of these fixes include memory integrity checks, truncation fixes, and length checks for edge cases.

At the time of this writing, one Dogecoin can be purchased for $0.0746. This represents a decrease of 3.5% over the course of the previous twenty-four hours.

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