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Dominic Williams, The founder of the ICP aims to incentivize Russians to cease the conflict

Dfinity creator Dominic Williams has proposed a strategy to resolve the war in Ukraine as it takes on new dimensions. There is, however, a catch. It will cost at least $250 million and rely on Russia’s internet not being shut down.

On March 15, he published the plan on his Medium website, headlined “Proposal to speed the end of attacks on Ukraine using smart contracts and $250 million in bitcoin and ether.” The idea focuses entirely on combating disinformation and propaganda among Russians.

Most Russians, according to Williams, are unaware of the realities of the situation in Ukraine. As a result, informing them will encourage them to oppose the government and put pressure on it to terminate the conflict.

Williams claims that: “We should not hold out too much hope that sanctions alone will turn the Russian population”
“against their leaders, for the simple reason that they control their media,”
” which dutifully pumps out carefully-crafted propaganda and false information.”

The concept aims to leverage blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide Russians with accurate facts and information about the fight.

The smart contracts will validate Russian citizens, who will then be allowed to watch virtual reality recordings reflecting the genuine status of the battle, which he refers to as “people parties.”

A $50 incentive will be offered to individuals who watch the videos, according to the founder of Internet Computer. If it attracts 5 million Russians, the total cost will be $250 million.

By ensuring that each participant may only see the movies once and receive the benefits, the smart contract will prevent any cheating. Each person who successfully views the movie will receive a crypto account and $50 worth of BTC or ETH will be deposited into the wallet.

Willians must have given the concept a lot of thought because he also mentioned that each viewer would be required to watch the films all the way through. Pins related to their accounts will only be unlocked after that. He also suggested that a non-watermarked version of the videos be made available for download and sharing.

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