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Dramatic Token Sale Shakes Up PEPE Core Team: What Happened and What’s Next?

The PEPE official Twitter account revealed, shockingly, that certain members of the PEPE core team sold a stunning 16 trillion ($16 million) tokens without prior disclosure. This surprise move has overshadowed the project, creating fears and heated debates among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The following are the specifics, as shared:

As a precaution, the number of required signatures for the multi-sig wallet was lowered from the regular number to only two out of eight. The multi-sig wallet, which initially held 10 trillion PEPE, currently has only one signature wallet, which, according to sources, remains secure.

The crew believes that there have been nasty individuals with ulterior goals since the project’s inception. These were allegedly members who aggressively blocked the token’s advancement. The current event has removed these individuals from the ranks.

The last remaining signing team member reveals a betrayal as he recounts the night’s stunning turn of events. He claims three dishonest team members abruptly sold 16 trillion PEPE from the multi-sig wallet. They allegedly attempted to disassociate themselves entirely from the token to add salt to the wound, even erasing themselves from the multi-sig wallet.

But there is a silver lining. The remaining member assures stakeholders that the tokens sold were never intended for sale, underlining that what remains is safe. He also reveals that he controls the PEPE Twitter account.

This lone team member vows to put his best foot forward for the token, committing to the project’s future. With the troublesome members removed, he claims complete control and intends to transfer the 10 trillion PEPE tokens from the multi-sig wallet. These tokens could be set aside for possible PEPE-related domain or username purchases, with the remaining potentially being burned.

An ambitious goal has also been set: once the current series of transactions is completed, PEPE will be shifted toward complete decentralization.

The PEPE saga highlights the crypto world’s inherent volatility and unpredictability. While the account of the surviving team member provides some clarification, questions remain. The crypto community is eagerly awaiting further advancements to separate fact from fiction.


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