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Due to a Super Bearish Pattern, Peter Schiff predicts that ETH will fall to $1,000

Peter Schiff, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and the chairman of the SchiffGold investment fund, released an Ethereum chart, projecting a big ETH drop to May 2021 lows.

He pointed out that the chart shows a combination of two very bearish patterns that might send the second most valuable coin far lower than it is now.

Peter Schiff contrasted the Ethereum chart to the one he had previously published for Bitcoin, claiming that the two displayed a “ominous combination” for the top cryptocurrency.

Similarly, he mentioned something similar here. A Double Top pattern appears with a Head and Shoulders top that has appeared on the former.

As a result, according to Schiff, the chart indicates that Ethereum is likely to continue declining. Then, and may reach the “lower yellow line,” which is set at $1,000 and serves as a minimum decline mark. The last time Ethereum traded at this level was in early May of last year, which was a year ago.

At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading at $1,804, down 86 percent from its historic high of $4,891 reached on Nov. 16.

Bitcoin is expected to crash, according to Peter Schiff.

On May 16, Schiff says that he had discovered the aforementioned “ominous” combination of extremely negative patterns on the Bitcoin chart. Then, and that BTC has “a long way down” ahead of it.

He predicted that Bitcoin would fall to $8,000 in the near future. Later, he expressed his surprise that Bitcoin was “holding up this well” on Twitter.

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