OG DM (Courtesy: Twitter)
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E-Sport Giants OG Announced Partnership With Blockchain-Based DM Script

OG DM (Courtesy: Twitter)
OG DM (Courtesy: Twitter)

E-sport organisation OG announced its partnership with Blockchain-based gaming technology DM Script, according to an official media release.

The media release from the Blockchain-based gaming technology said that, this partnership basically puts DMScript on the map, because it allows us to have insider eyes on what the eSports industry needs and how we can utilize our service to better provide them with everything that would optimize the professional’s experience as they dominate against their enemies in worldwide tournaments.

“This also means you can expect to see our logo in actual, eSports tournaments, all over the world, worn by none other than OG’s CS:GO team! DMScript is making huge progress, because you’re also going to see OG’s team experiment with DMFast & DMPlay when they’re in the beta phase, giving you the chance to see our software hands-on, being used by some of the world’s greatest players that the world had ever seen.

With that being said, we’ll be coordinating together, with our press releases, our announcements, and our presence in the industry. OG has generously offered to aid us on our journey, and we believe in them! They’re amazing partners to have on our side, and this will be one heck of a fruitful experience for both DMScript, OG, and our audiences combined!,” the release added.

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