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Edward Snowden Raises Alarm On Unethical Practices On Crypto Gaming

Whistleblower Edward Snowden notes that the use of non-fungible tokens (NFT) in crypto gaming has some consequences.

Furthermore, this is during an interview on Parachains, a Polkadot and Kusama-focused YouTube channel. So, Edward Snowden explains he’s not in support of monetization of gaming platforms. Particularly, those using NFTs because they utilize a false sense of scarcity.

So, Edward Snowden explains.
“We have people that are trying to sort of – maybe they’re not even trying to…”
“– but the ultimate result of what they’re doing is they are injecting an artificial sense of…”
“scarcity into a post-scarcity domain. I think that is actually an inherently anti-social urge here.”

More so, The former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Edward Snowden notes that gamers desiring virtual escape can potentially be put at a disadvantage from the NFT-gaming business model.

So, Edward Snowden continues.

“If you think about the world that people are retreating from to their games,..”
“where they live in a cold bare box, if they’re lucky enough to even have a home in some…”
“overly expensive city where they spend all their time working, they get home exhausted.”

“They make their cheap meal, and then they turn on their device to escape from all that…”
“and then in their digital world, where they’re on a beautiful island,..”
“they build a beautiful home, and they want to change the color of the wall,…”
“and you got to pay $19.99 for the wall or for a token to let you roll for the potential to maybe recolor your wall…”
“There is something horrible and heinous and tragic in that to me.”

Additionally, Edward Snowden concerns are coming after the exponential rise of gaming altcoins and the crypto-based metaverse. Which if course, he considers at the risk of facilitating unethical practices.

“I think the community should very much be trying to bend the arc of development away…”
“from injecting artificial unnecessary scarcity entirely for the benefit of…”
“some investor class into these post-scarcity domains.”

Lastly, Edward Snowden concludes.
“One of the promises, one of the privileges of technology, is that it frees us from material…”
“limits that only exist in a material space. To try to reimpose material in immaterial space,…”
“I think is a little bit unethical.”

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