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Ethereum bearish price, Bitcoin to hit $27K? Investors moving to Tradecurve for 50% ROI

The cryptocurrency market has seen significant developments, including a bearish breakdown in Ethereum’s price, Bitcoin’s surge above $27,000, and a growing trend of investors moving towards decentralized exchanges. Among these exchanges, Tradecurve has emerged as a promising platform currently in its presale phase, experiencing a remarkable 50% price hike. Keep on reading to find out why as we take a closer look into all of these events.




  • Ethereum on a downtrend
  • Bitcoin manages to rise above $27,000
  • Tradecurve sees a 50% increase during its presale 





Ethereum (ETH) in a bearish trend


Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, recently witnessed a bearish breakdown in its price. The market sentiment surrounding Ethereum has turned cautious, leading to a downward trend in its value.


Recently, the $1,920 resistance was not overcome by the price of Ethereum. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum started a sharp slide below the $1,900 and $1,880 levels and entered a negative zone.


In the last 24 hours, Ethereum showed green once more as it now has a value of $1,865.72 with a market cap of $224B, which is a jump of 3.28% in the last day alone. However, with both its technical indicators and moving averages showing sell signals, Ethereum may not be able to achieve any significant surges any time soon. 

Bitcoin (BTC) saw a jump above $27,000


In contrast to Ethereum’s bearish breakdown, Bitcoin, the largest and most recognized cryptocurrency, experienced a surge in price, surpassing the $27,000 mark at one point. This surge has generated optimism among Bitcoin investors and indicates renewed market interest.


After the SEC claimed that Binance had broken securities legislation, Bitcoin plunged close to $25,400 on Monday as investors, already wary following months of digital asset failures, turned away from cryptocurrency. However, that changed as the fear around that lawsuit fell, and Bitcoin soared to $27,322. 


Bitcoin is trading hands at $26,781.66 with a market cap of $519B, jumping by 5.08% overnight. As Bitcoin makes headlines, investors closely watch its price movements for potential investment opportunities.

Tradecurve (TCRV) and its remarkable 50% growth 


Alongside the market fluctuations in Ethereum and Bitcoin, there has been a notable trend of investors moving towards decentralized exchanges. And Tradecurve, a borderless, hybrid decentralized exchange, has experienced significant growth, with its presale value increasing by an impressive 50%. 


Many buyers are interested in the overall Tradecurve platform as it solves many issues plaguing the online trading industry, such as high commissions, lack of transparency, and limited access to high-leveraged products. This Ethereum-based trading platform will eliminate any third-party intermediaries resulting in lower commission fees and implement a Proof of Reserves (PoR), which will put transparency at the forefront and also provide access to all derivatives on one account. 


Moreover, those more privacy-conscious will be happy to learn that Tradecurve does not have any sign-up KYC checks, meaning your personal information will remain hidden while trading. All that will be required is to open an account using a working email, link it to a crypto wallet and start trading. 


Tradecurve will also provide high leverage starting at 500:1. Higher leverage reduces the capital required to enter trades. This can be particularly beneficial for retail traders with limited initial funds. By utilizing leverage effectively, traders can participate in larger market movements without tying up significant capital. It also enables traders to manage their risk exposure more precisely, as they can allocate a smaller portion of their capital to each trade.


Tradecurve is currently offering its native token for a discount price of just $0.015. Holding this token will bring access to VIP status, governance, passive income via staking, and more. The Stage 3 presale will continue, and as it does, more price hikes are expected, with some experts even forecasting a 50x surge for TCRV by the time its presale finishes. 


With a token smart contract audit by Cyberscope and a team KYC audit performed by Assure DeFi, Tradecurve looks to be the safest investment prospect on the market – so sign up for its presale below. 


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