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Ethereum Founder Says he Hopes Solana gets a ‘Chance to Thrive’

Vitalik Buterin claims that he has been informed by “clever people” that the Solana developer community is “earnest.”

In a tweet posted on December 30, Ethereum’s founder, Vitalik Buterin, expressed support for Ethereum’s rival, Solana (SOL). He stated that “smart people” have told him that Solana has “an earnest smart developer community,” and he hinted that the opportunists who had been involved with the project in the past have been “washed out.” He said that “smart people” have told him that Solana has “an earnest smart developer community.”

Buterin has also expressed his desire that the Solana community “gets its fair chance to thrive.”

Since reaching its all-time high, the price of SOL has dropped by more than 90 percent. Part of this precipitous drop can be attributed to the coin’s connection to the defunct FTX exchange. However, the developers of Solana have asserted that the network as a whole was not harmed by FTX’s failure.

Many people in the cryptocurrency Twitter community were moved by Vitalik’s praise for Solana. BlockTower Capital’s Ari Paul produced a thread of tweets in which he argued that more cryptocurrency companies should follow Vitalik’s example. He explained that, “This is how someone behaves who is happy to ‘compete’ on merit, and thinks in positive sum terms.” One entertaining test that you can administer to almost anyone regarding anything (service providers, fund managers, developers, etc.) Inquire of them in a friendly manner concerning the rival company.

However, Buterin’s statement was met with approval only by a select few. Mike McDonald, a former professional poker player, interpreted the statement as “virtue signaling.”

The timing of Buterin’s tweet was also questioned by a number of detractors, who thought it was suspicious. Would he have been so complimentary of Solana if it had continued to thrive?

Due in part to the ease with which it can be scaled, Solana was once referred to as a “Ethereum killer.” On the other hand, it has also been criticized for being too centralized and unstable by a number of people.

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