Ethereum Name Service Considering To Launch Own Layer-2
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Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Considering To Launch Own Layer-2

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is actively investigating ways to integrate its protocol with Ethereum layer-2 (L2) networks, potentially even developing its own dedicated L2 solution, Khori Whittaker, ENS executive director, confirmed in an interview.

While details remain under wraps, Whittaker explained that the ENS team is evaluating both integrating with existing L2 networks like Optimism and constructing their own “identity layer” L2 solution. 

“We’re heavily in research and development on the path of layer 2 applications,” he stated, anticipating tangible results from their exploration this year. 

Zero-knowledge proofs, known for protecting user privacy on public blockchains, might also play a role in future L2 development, Whittaker added.

Currently, ENS faces challenges arising from its protocol structure and limited awareness within the Ethereum ecosystem. 

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However, ENS allows users to own “.eth” domain names, simplifying cryptocurrency transactions by replacing complex wallet addresses. 

This focus on user-friendliness aligns with ENS’s recent partnership with GoDaddy, enabling users to link their “.eth” domains to traditional Web2 domains for free.

“We are sort of dependent on builders and developers to build with ENS and then push it out there,” Whittaker acknowledged, emphasizing the need for broader adoption. “The partnership with GoDaddy could help,” he said, as it allows mainstream users to easily engage with blockchain technology.

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