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Ethereum’s Dencun Upgrade Faces Potential Delay, Testing Crucial for Mainnet Launch

Ethereum’s eagerly anticipated Dencun upgrade, slated to bring new features and scalability improvements, may encounter a delay, as revealed during a recent developers’ meeting on September 21. While Dencun’s development is nearing completion, the need for rigorous testing, including deployment to a testnet, could push its launch on the Ethereum mainnet into the new year.

Tim Beiko, a member of the Ethereum Foundation, expressed concerns during the meeting about the timing of Dencun’s testnet deployment, emphasizing its impact on the mainnet launch. Beiko stated, “I think the implication is if we don’t do a test net before Devconnect [Nov. 13-18] … it’s probably unlikely we can do mainnet before the … Christmas holidays … and people being gone, so that’s probably not the best time for commitment.”

Previously, developers had refrained from providing a specific launch date for Dencun, but initial estimates had indicated a launch before the end of 2023.

The potential delay of Dencun follows recent launch issues with Ethereum’s Holesky testnet, which is still awaiting a relaunch. During the meeting, developers discussed the availability of Holesky for Dencun testing ahead of Devconnect in November. Ethereum Foundation member Parithosh Jayanthi disclosed that Holesky’s relaunch is scheduled for September 28 and will be ready for Dencun testing before the upcoming conference.

However, Jayanthi proposed that the first fork of Dencun be tested on the soon-to-be-discontinued Goerli testnet. Given its impending end of life, this approach would isolate any issues related to Dencun to Goerli. Additionally, Jayanthi suggested that the subsequent forks of Dencun could be tested on the new Holesky testnet later. He concluded by acknowledging that if Dencun encounters difficulties with Holesky, a contingency plan would need to be devised to address the situation.

Dencun consolidates two critical upgrades, Deneb and Cancun, and promises various new features. The most noteworthy among these is proto-dank sharding, a groundbreaking advancement poised to enhance Ethereum’s scalability once it arrives on the mainnet.

In conclusion, while the Ethereum community eagerly awaits the Dencun upgrade, additional testing is essential to ensure its stability and functionality on the Ethereum mainnet. The potential delay underscores the commitment to delivering a robust and secure network upgrade, even if it means extending the timeline for its deployment.


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