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Few platforms, that assures security

Cyberattacks are highly evolving today.We need to be more alert around. According to the survey, attacks were mostly focused on payments properties. Various organisations were urged to expend millions of dollars just to retain the files published by malware attackers.


Wasted Locker, a latest ransomware created by Evil Corp, a most active group since 2007.May 2020 it was noticed that the group has continued once again. The malware has been titled “WastedLocker” due to the filename built by the malware, which adds an abbreviation of the victim’s name to the word “wasted

By damaging and bad backup applications, database services and cloud environments, WastedLocker staves off its victims’ ability to recover their files for a longer period of time, Researchers, however, note that unlike other ransomware operators that leak victim’s information, Evil Corp has not threatened to publish victims’ information in order to avoid attracting public attention to itself.


DoppelPaymer, a ransomware constructed to encrypt the files of its mark, and staving off them from accessing files and motivating the victim to pay a ransom to crack the files. It was utilized by an eCrime group called INDRIK SPIDER

 The DoppelPaymer malware is an aspect of BitPaymer ransomware and was first found out in 2019 by CrowdStrike software endpoint protection company. 


As the report stated by cybersecurity provider Check Point, the Dridex malware joined the top-10 list of malware for the first time in March 2020 after an initial appearance in 2011. This malware is  also known as Bugat and Cridex.


On May 27, Microsoft’s security team disclosed in a series of tweets information viewing a new ransomware called “Pony Final,” which uses brute pressured to get access to its target network

Declining payouts

As cyberattacks are deadly intensifying,the experts believe that there is a decrease in the number of successful attacks.

A report published by malware lab Emsisoft on April 21, indicating a significant drop in the number of successful ransomware attacks in the U.S. Likewise, a Chainalysis report published in April found a significant decrease in ransomware payments since the coronavirus pandemic intensified in the U.S. and Europe. 

“It’s very obvious to ransomware attackers that they’ve got a potentially valuable target when they hit a corporate endpoint. It may however be less obvious when they hit a personal device that an employee is using while working remotely, and which is only connected to corporate resources on an intermittent basis.”

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