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Fintech Company Revolut Gets A WeWork Workspace, Pays With Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency-relate Fintech Company Revolut announced purchasing a Wework office with bitcoin. Fintech Company Revolut explains the office space in Dallas, Texas will host 300 employees to prepare for the U.S. expansion.

Fintech Company Revolut Used Bitcoin To Buy Wework Property in Texas

So, Revolut is targeting to provide the world with a “global financial superapp” in the deal with Wework.
Fintech Company Revolut will be at advantage to use Wework workspace at 6900 Dallas Parkway in Dallas, Texas. The Company also explains that the payments for the space will be in bitcoin.

“Revolut will also be Wework’s first enterprise member to sign new space using cryptocurrency, specifically bitcoin, as it establishes its largest office yet in the U.S.”

Revolut will also be rolling out “Revlabs real estate strategy.”
concept with the first Revlabs space now live in Melbourne at the Wework center at 222 Exhibition Street.

“Revlabs will be designed to facilitate collaboration and teamwork, with around 70 percent of office space devoted to collaboration,”

the company explained on Thursday.

“The new format will cater to rapid headcount growth and provide spaces for creative thinking, brainstorming, training, and knowledge exchange – some of the face-to-face interactions that people have missed throughout the pandemic. There will also be quiet zones and space for meetings.”

Wework expresses satisfaction working with Fintech Company Revolut and using crypto process it.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with @RevolutApp to provide a new home for their employees in Dallas while utilizing cryptocurrency in the process to power their new flexible work strategy.”
Twitted by WeWork (September 16, 2021)

Global Head of financial service sales at Wework, Nick Giraudeau expresses that it will be great for growing startups.

“Wework is excited to be Revolut’s global real estate partner,” Giraudeau continued.

“We look forward to supporting their new standard for the future of work, with a progressive employee-led approach that prioritises flexibility, collaboration and choice. Flexibility is essential for growing companies, and by supporting transactions in cryptocurrency, we can offer choice and convenience while supporting Revolut’s innovative business.”

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