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From Cyprus, Culprits Extradited for Snatching Bitcoin

There were extradited extradites by the DOJ, for snatching Bitcoin, from Cyprus.

 According to the Department of Justice or DOJ, two apparent culprits, one questioned for snatching  Bitcoin and the second one the money launderer with unions to Hezbollah, stood to be extradited from Cyprus.

As in Georgia and Arizona the suspects are expected for cyber intrusion and fraud while the second one is in Florida for money-laundering in a union with Hezbollah. 

A Cypriot national Joshua Poyouo Epifaniou, is implicated of wire extortion, collusion to execute wire extortion, collusion to execute computer extortion and makeup thievery and fraud.

Accord Epifanio G, Epifaniou and csnatchedtors snached private data via online game originator in California, a hardware business in New York, an online employment website in Virginia additionally an online sports website held by Turner Broadcasting System. He reportedly cut down into the networks and extorted them of $56,850 in Bitcoin.

Furthermore Epifanio is  acknowledged to have organized a brute troop invasion on Ripoff Report as if he clasped its database behind ransom for $90,000.

DOJ extradited the second man, Ghassan Diab, a resident of Lebanon impeached of money laundering above $100,000, collusion to launder $100,000 and unlicensed dispatch of currency. The DOJ recognized Diab as an apparent component of Hezbollah. 

The DOJ  impeached a crypto pirate who accumulated millions in crypto and supplied it to breached networks.

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