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FTX Customers Warned of Scammers Baiting them with Return of Assets

Scammers have been attempting to dupe clients by promising the potential restoration of their valuables.

FTX, the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange, has acknowledged a recent rash of third-party schemes and frauds targeted at swindling its already beleaguered consumers.

On February 3, FTX issued an advisory to its clients about recent attempts by fraudsters to swindle them, such as requesting for money, fees, payments, or account passwords.

“We are aware of active third-party scams and frauds targeting FTX clients,” the business stated.

FTX went on to say that its debtors and agents will never ask customers to pay fees or provide account passwords in connection with the “return or prospective return of customer assets,” and urged potential victims to contact the official FTX debtors email address to confirm the messages’ legitimacy.

Scammers taking advantage of FTX’s demise have been increasing their game in recent months.

The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation issued a warning in late December that scammers were looking for opportunities to “re-victimize folks who have previously been damaged and are trying to recoup their losses.”

It referenced a bogus website purporting to be controlled by the US Department of State and requesting for FTX customers’ account information in order to recover their assets.

In November, a deep fake video of FTX creator Sam Bankman-Fried, validated by his Twitter account, leaked online, offering to quadruple client crypto compensation. It enticed victims to visit a malicious website that advertised the cryptocurrency giveaway in exchange for tokens delivered to the crooks.

Meanwhile, in a new twist in FTX’s bankruptcy proceedings, California, Texas, and New Jersey have joined requests for an independent audit of the company’s financial accounts.

Another Reuters article on Feb. 2 stated that FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried is purportedly in negotiations with federal prosecutors to resolve a dispute over his bail restrictions.

The court supervising the lawsuit temporarily forbade Bankman-Fried from contacting FTX or Alameda workers earlier this week.


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