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Future Of Dogecoin Uncertain: Lead Dev Opposes Shift To Proof-Of-Stake

Amidst a whirlwind of rumors and speculations surrounding the future direction of DOGE’s development, a prominent figure in the Dogecoin realm, Mishaboar, the core developer, has made a resolute stand against any potential transition to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. The conversation took center stage after Marshall Hayner, the CEO of Metallicus and Co-Founder of FBBT Holdings, kickstarted a poll to gauge the community’s stance on staking DOGE.

In a tweet, Hayner posed the question, “Would you stake Dogecoin if it were stakeable?” The poll outcome showcased a clear split within the DOGE community, with 60.1% opposing staking and 39.9% in favor. However, it’s the sentiments of the core developer that are sparking fervent discussions within the DOGE community.

Mishaboar expressed his doubts about Proof-of-Stake, stating, “If there’s even a remote chance of Doge shifting to PoS, based on what I’ve witnessed in the past 2 years, I’d likely switch to another PoW cryptocurrency and give my wallet’s logo a canine touch.” He went on to detail potential consequences, highlighting the possibility of a Dogecoin blockchain fork, thereby preserving the established PoW-based DOGE.

These concerns spring from Mishaboar’s observations in the crypto landscape over the past couple of years. He critiqued most PoS chains for their “excessive centralization and control by well-endowed developers with substantial holdings,” and for instances of “catastrophic failures.”

Expanding on his reservations about PoS compatibility, especially concerning Dogecoin, he added, “I fail to see how PoS could be a sensible approach when a significant portion of the supply resides within exchanges. And let’s not forget the potential regulatory hurdles.”

The dialogue about Dogecoin potentially shifting from its original Proof-of-Work (PoW) mechanism to PoS began in 2021 when Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin playfully introduced the idea. Subsequent discussions hinted at a PoS transition in Dogecoin’s roadmap. However, nearly two years later, the implementation of PoS remains a topic of debate rather than a concrete reality.

Marshall Hayner, shedding light on the context of his poll, responded to Mishaboar, saying, “I appreciate the thoughtful reply; the staking I referred to pertains to PoS consensus and block validation.”

Mishaboar’s critique and the potential ramifications of his departure from the project carry significant weight, especially considering his influential role within the Dogecoin ecosystem. With the ongoing debate over the ideal consensus mechanism for this meme-inspired cryptocurrency, the path forward appears fraught with uncertainty.

As of the current moment, the price of Dogecoin stands at $0.06382. The DOGE community watches with bated breath as discussions about its future continue to unfold.

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