Blockchain News Latest News Thrives Amidst Rumors: Reports Zero Issues and Healthy Operations

In a resounding statement released on May 31, cryptocurrency exchange quelled the swirling rumors that had sent shockwaves through the crypto community. Contrary to speculation on social media, affirmed that its operations remained unscathed, assuring users that there were “no issues with our operations or withdrawals as rumored.”

The rumors surfaced on May 24 when Arkham Intelligence, a blockchain project, alleged that $3 million worth of the MULTI token had been transferred to Additionally, several other transactions involving Multichain-related tokens were mentioned, which were subsequently halted for a deposit on the prominent exchange Binance. While Arkham Intelligence did not explicitly claim that was at risk, these market activities and events fueled speculation.

Fueling the fire further, a Twitter account with a significant following, Coinsumption, raised concerns about’s solvency. It advised users to withdraw their funds from the exchange, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the platform. However, firmly refuted these claims, asserting that its withdrawals were functioning normally and that its operations were healthy.

While was unharmed by these rumours, Multichain, the blockchain project at the centre of the initial allegations, faced its share of difficulties. The project’s team members expressed their inability to contact their CEO or access project servers, coupled with transaction delays over the past few days.

The impact of the rumours on’s native token (GT) was evident, with a 6.59% decrease in value over 24 hours. In contrast, Bitcoin experienced a relatively minor decline of just 1.4%.’s token suffered a significant blow when its price plummeted from $4.92 to $4.49 during multiple hours, translating to an 8.7% loss. However, subsequent recoveries and fluctuations mitigated some of the losses.

Despite these challenges, continues to thrive as one of the largest centralized exchanges, boasting a substantial trading volume of approximately $525 million. Moreover, it stands alongside other prominent crypto exchanges, such as CoinEx, OKX, Huobi, and BitMEX, in its commitment to operating under forthcoming Hong Kong regulations. has demonstrated its resilience in the face of baseless rumours, maintaining its healthy operations and assuring users of the stability of their funds. As it navigates the evolving crypto landscape, remains a formidable player, committed to adhering to upcoming regulatory frameworks and providing a secure platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


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