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Google Cloud and MultiversX collaborate as a blockchain company focuses on the metaverse

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MultiversX has just unveiled an exciting array of fresh features for xPortal, offering a toolkit designed to usher in the next generation of metaverse experiences.

Teaming up with blockchain infrastructure leader MultiversX (formerly known as Elrond), Google Cloud has taken a significant step into the realm of Web3. The integration of Google Cloud’s BigQuery data warehouse with MultiversX promises to empower Web3 projects and users by providing invaluable insights through robust data analytics and cutting-edge AI tools within the Google Cloud ecosystem.

MultiversX believes that this partnership holds the potential to greatly streamline the execution of large-scale, data-centric blockchain projects, making it easier for developers to access information related to addresses, transaction volumes, smart contract interactions, and enhanced on-chain analytics. Google Cloud’s involvement in the MultiversX network is set to empower ecosystem builders, offering advanced tools and services on the platform to enhance performance and scalability for decentralized applications and non-blockchain components.

Daniel Rood, the Head of Web3 EMEA at Google Cloud, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Exciting opportunities await Web3 developers, enabling them to build and scale more rapidly. As we venture into new verticals within this space, our partnership with MultiversX will extend our strategic reach and solidify our position as a major driving force in the world of blockchain innovation.”

MultiversX has a history of forging partnerships with prominent brands to advance Web3 applications in the traditional world. The first European institutional marketplace for digital assets, ICI D|Services, and Audi’s in-car virtual reality platform, Holoride, have both chosen MultiversX as their preferred platform.

In addition to these partnerships, the blockchain infrastructure firm has unveiled a range of new scalable features for its decentralized digital asset wallet and “SuperApp,” known as xPortal. These updates will enable users to seamlessly manage both fiat and cryptocurrency transactions, offering peer-to-peer fiat payments, European IBANs, SEPA transfers, and SWIFT payments, all set to be available by the beginning of 2024.

Furthermore, the platform has introduced the xWorlds Developer Kit, a comprehensive toolkit equipped with unique resources for creators. It leverages xPortal as a wallet and distribution hub, allowing developers to craft the next generation of augmented reality experiences. Among the offerings, this kit includes highly realistic artificial intelligence-powered 3D avatars to fuel these immersive experiences.

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