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Graviton Announces Second Volume Of Web3 Startups to be Accelerated via VC Syndicate Network

Ultimate Digits, Evolv Art, Quantlytica, Nexity Network, Allocate Back, GameLand, and Stake-n-Bake outshine the competition to emerge as the next wave of Graviton-backed startups.


Graviton, one of India’s leading web3-focused accelerators, has unveiled a brand new list of teams that have been accepted into the second edition of its coveted 16-week program. This much-awaited disclosure comes nearly a month after the syndicate-backed fund stopped accepting applications, and was preceded by a nationwide hunt for builders, including a 2-month national roadshow across New Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Bangalore.


Last year, Graviton announced its maiden portfolio of teams that were building for web3 infrastructure tools, DeFi, payments & rewards, real-world asset tokenization, and GameFi. Their inclusion in the cohort translated into an average seed investment of $42,000 per team, alongside a carefully curated combination of 1:1 technical workshops with mentors in business, web3 tech fundamentals, security, marketing, sales, and fundraising. One unique advantage that the Graviton-backed crop of teams had, was that they received hands-on feedback & training in terms of refining their fundraising efforts, directly from VCs who are a part of the Graviton capital network. This includes the Hashkey group (A leading force in Asia’s web3 investments), NGC Ventures, Moonrock Capital, and many others.


A globally simulcast Demo Day & a series of targeted outreach campaigns at the end of the program elevated the visibility of Graviton-backed startups, resulting in quick closures of the follow-up funding rounds for these teams. Notably, raised $1.5Mn in a pre-seed round led by Hashkey. The GameFi team in question was wholly acquired by a global player, and the other teams (Spydra, Zoth, etc) are on their way to completing & announcing their respective venture funding rounds. 


“We were excited then, and we’re positively thrilled now”, quips Graviton CEO Arpit Nik, who floated the idea of launching an India-focused accelerator during his time as a General Partner in a global web3 fund. “We’ve always believed in the potential of investing in and then grooming some of India’s strongest founders, and the results have perpetually yielded fascinating, high-quality products that make the Indian ecosystem proud”. He refers, of course, to the pedigree of founders such as Manish Tewari, Pritam Dutta, Mandar Ray, and many others who have graduated from the Graviton stable.


“This year, the competition was way tougher, with global attention glued to bull market movements in the space. Newer teams, technology stacks and collaborations have emerged since we last went out scouting for projects. More than 500 applications came in, and the teams that have made the final cut, were subjected to extreme scrutiny. We look forward to the growth journey that lies ahead!” remarked Shomprakash Sinha Roy, who runs point on brand storytelling, and personally met applying projects during the India Blockchain Week, and the subsequent national tour (#BlockchainYatra). 


“Having been closely associated with Team Graviton for their first cohort and also collaborating with them for the Demo day at India Blockchain Week, I can confidently say that they are the best partners for any early-stage Web3 project, particularly in India. They have an extremely diverse and rich group of mentors to help founders navigate the challenges that come with early-stage building. In addition, their vast network of partner VCs also helps these projects better prepare for their fundraising journey.” – Parth Chaturvedi (Investments Lead, Coinswitch Ventures).


Coinswitch Ventures will continue to selectively review & invest in teams accelerated via the Graviton cohort, subject to necessary internal due diligence on each project. 


Meet the Second Volume of Graviton-backed startups


Nexity Network, led by founder Catalin Fetean, is revolutionizing the business landscape. With a background spanning engineering, sustainable development, supply chain, customer experience, and design, Catalin drives innovation. At Nexity, he champions blockchain and circular economy principles, shaping TradeFi, a groundbreaking platform automating operations, reducing risks, and providing real-time global trade insights.


Ultimate Digits Inc., founded by Atharva Sabnis, pioneers Ethereum Phone Numbers for Web3 Identity and Smart Contract-based Telephony. Their platform transforms your phone number into your crypto wallet’s address, offering virtual Web3 phone numbers for privacy, starting with the unique +999 country code, as NFTs. Ultimate Digits also provides decentralized VOIP, Web3 transaction alerts over text, and multi-factor authentication, making it a comprehensive solution for Web3 communication needs.

The next Graviton-backed team is Evolv Art, founded by Madhav Khandelwal, is a visionary venture poised to redefine digital engagement. Madhav’s journey began in 2018, crafting web3 products for renowned projects like CoinDCX and Carbon Protocol. At Zilliqa, he was the Ecosystem Design lead, catalyzing the launch of 22 projects and nurturing 178 more, including the groundbreaking Zilswap and Zilpay.


In 2021, Madhav embarked on his entrepreneurial odyssey, founding the NFT sensation DeMons. Evolv Art is his latest brainchild, aimed at mainstreaming web3 technologies into everyday brand strategies. Evolv envisions a future where digital interactions are seamlessly integrated, benefiting both businesses and consumers. As a pioneer in this space, Evolv Art strives to drive ethical and sustainable practices, propelling a new era of digital innovation.


Quantlytica, led by co-founder and CMO Wesley Liao, is a fintech trailblazer revolutionizing cryptocurrency investment. Their AI-driven solutions cater to both retail and institutional investors, enhancing engagement and maximizing returns.


Over the next five years, Quantlytica aims to redefine DeFi, pioneering AI-driven investment solutions that transform how individuals and institutions interact with crypto markets. Their vision includes global expansion, diverse user adoption, and strategic partnerships within the crypto ecosystem. Quantlytica isn’t just a platform; it’s a beacon of financial empowerment in the Web3 era, prioritizing returns, APR, and protecting against potential losses.


The next Volume 2 inductee is Allocate Back, helmed by seasoned FinTech founder Rajesh K (A seasoned technology professional & 2X founder with 20+ years in financial services, telecom, blockchain & cloud SaaS across APAC, Middle East & Europe, presently based in Singapore) and a team operating in stealth mode in Bangalore. Allocate Back is dramatically changing the dynamics of web3 RWA investing with an AI-enabled algorithm that pools capital into a Mother Token, dynamically drip allocating it to multiple Asset Backed Tokens across various RWA platforms globally. 


Their “Drip Investment & Drip Divestment” strategy (patent pending), will significantly enhance liquidity in RWA Tokens while simultaneously reducing risk through diversification, and enhancing returns by dynamically increasing allocations to top-performing RWA Managers. Users pay only 15% of the profits, rather than a fixed management fee, making Allocate Back a flexible and lucrative investment platform for the Web3 era.


Other Graviton-led investments in the current season include Gameland, which focuses on incentives and payments for data, modules & compute resources, as well as Stake n Bake, an omni-chain GameFi platform that allows its users to farm virtual cannabis in a world that is becoming increasingly observant of marijuana legalization laws, supported by farming yields in its native $BUDS token, an expectant bull-run champion.

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