Dave Portnoy (Courtesy: Twitter)
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“I’m Learning”: Dave Portnoy Set To Re-Enter Crypto Market

Dave Portnoy (Courtesy: Twitter)
Dave Portnoy (Courtesy: Twitter)

Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy is set to re-enter the cryptocurrency market as he indicated that he is learning and considering to reverse his move.

For all my #Crypto friends I am studying you. I am learning the way you think, breathe, exist. And when my giganto brain has figured you out I will re enter the market and conquer you and then lead you. Until then I watch, study, observe and soak it all in.

Days after Dave Portnoy sold off all his Bitcoin holdings, and tagged Link Mariners as ‘weak’, Dave Portnoy has changed his mind and decided to invest again. He had said that he will adapt the wait and watch policy and it seems like he did not take much time to re-evaluate his calculations.

The decision taken by Portnoy comes after he said that he will become crypto millionaire by September.

Earlier, Portnoy intimated about the same via a tweet. The firm president said that he currently has not Bitcoin holdings and is planning to go an ‘wait and watch policy’. He also revealed losing 25k Bitcoin earlier. Furthermore, he also claimed that the ‘link mariners are weak as orchid flowers’. Portnoy, however, is not sure if he will again invest as he said that ‘he may or may not be done’.

“I currently own zero bitcoins. I will wait and watch. I lost 25k. Just like with the stock market it took my brain time to figure it out. I know this. The Link Marines are weak and the orchid flowers do die in the crypto world. I may or may not be done,” he tweeted.

Following the news, CEO of Based Chad Investment, Tyler Linklevoss called him a ‘weak handed’, to which Portnoy responed by saying, “I make 6 figures a day like clockwork in the real stock market. No need to sit around losing money waiting for Elon to mine gold from outer space. I’ll have built my own house on the moon before that day comes. If I wanna lose 7 figs on wives tales ill stick with the track”.

This development comes after the outspoken investor had amassed more that $1million of Bitcoin. He did so by collaborating with Gemini’s Winklevoss twins. But after a rough week in the market, which also saw the Chainlink dropping significantly, he has now pulled off all his holdings.

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