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In a quest of requesting crypto Influencer for help, individual ends up taking his life

Jordan Fish, known as KING CO฿IE or @CryptoCobain received plenty of suicidal messages on his Twitter account.

One of the popular crypto influencer, Jordan Fish, known as KING CO฿IE or @CryptoCobain received plenty of suicidal messages on his Twitter account. He has over 181K followers. He is no longer accepting DMs after a trader allegedly took his own life after requesting him to help by offering 0.2 Bitcoin.

Talking about his professional background, he works at Monzo bank in the UK. He states that he is unaware of the truth behind the trader’s suicide. Nonetheless, he elucidates that the deceased trader requested him for help before suicide.

However, Jordan Fish has publicly declared inexplicable deaths before as well. Ben, who holds the @ACTUALADVICEBTC Twitter handle died all of sudden in Thailand, in May 2020. Ben was a preeminent figure on social media platforms like Steemit. Cobain posted a picture accompanying both and said that Ben died when he was asleep.

@CryptoCobain has been receiving suicide threat messages since long

If we peek into  @CryptoCobain’s Twitter handle, one can see that various messages he receives sound harassing. For instance, a Twitter handle @edgeoverevent complains of ascending financial and life challenges and frustratingly asks crypto influencers like @stoolpresidente and @CryptoCobain for help and advice.

The tweets further lead to warnings of suicide. Finally, the deceased’s last few posts require to be @OverTheEdge’s partner, declaring his death. The partner elucidates that the @CryptoCobain was quoted often in the posts. He further praises the influencer for heeding an ear.

However, this is the first time someone took his own life. Jordan says that his profile is loaded with threats and requests for money in Bitcoin. He states that the trader has been messaging him for six months before he finally took the drastic step of Suicide. Amidst, his confession various Twitter users have shared their feelings. They state that he was sick, and Jordan is not accountable for offering financial support. One of the users says that Twitter involves reporting a self-harm characteristic. He further elucidates that one should inform the suicide hotlines to help out individuals before they take their lives.

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