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In Equity Trading Centers, China Enforce Blockchain Tech

The local equity markets are permitted to endeavour with blockchain in the equity trading industry by China’s Securities Regulatory Commission.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission, handed out a letter upholding five local equity markets. Incorporate equity centres in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shenzhen. As of July, additional provinces amassed approval in order to start-up ventures with a blockchain pilot.

The upcoming approach of CSRC is to navigate Beijing Equity Trading Center in order to execute the blockchain pilot, according to Beijing Local Financial Supervision and Administration. Beijing’s trading centre allegedly constructed a “relatively perfect infrastructure” as for equity registration, custody, and transaction transfer. They retain the key in online equity registration custody and equity change of enterprises in China, remarked by the administration.

Beijing’s Equity Trading Center befriended additional 1000 unlisted joint-stock firms as on June 30, 2020. Additionally, empowered with equity for 9 commercial banks, containing 1 rural commercial bank, 1 private bank, 1 direct selling bank and 6 rural banks. The aggregate share capital is 21 billion yuan, or approximately $3 million.

As of past 2017, Beijing Equity Trading Center, concurrently with Shenzhen Stock Exchange and additional regional equity market operators, undertook a local equity market intermediary credit reference blockchain.

As reported formerly by the Bitcoin world, China’s Internet Finance Association reported that the country’s usage of blockchain technology stood to be matured. Chinese professionals attended a conference to analyze enforcing blockchain in China’s new “social credit system.”

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