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Coinbase, US cryptocurrency exchange intends to hire 2,000 people by 2022

Coinbase, a Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange, has unveiled its objective for 2022, stating that it plans to hire 2,000 people across its several departments, including product, design, and engineering. Coinbase also detailed its ambitious aspirations for Coinbase Wallet’s future. Crypto use has risen dramatically in recent years, according to the publicly traded crypto trading business.

“We plan to add up to 2,000 employees across our Product, Engineering, and Design teams.”

“In 2022, we plan to add up to 2,000 employees across our Product, Engineering, and Design teams.”
“We see enormous product opportunities ahead for the future of Web3.”
“We believe our industry is in its infancy and that building onramps for individuals to participate”
” is critical to driving the next generation use case of crypto. “
“We’re also expanding to include products that host user-generated content like NFTs,”
“and we’re excited about our ambitious plans for the future of Coinbase Wallet,”
” enhancing security, ease of use, and accessibility,”
So, L.J. Brock, Chief People Officer at Coinbase, says in a statement. (

Following the company’s most recent Super Bowl advertisement, Coinbase’s web traffic skyrocketed.

Following the company’s most recent Super Bowl advertisement, the crypto exchange behemoth noticed a massive increase in online traffic. In order to increase the acceptance of digital currencies, the US corporation has launched various new marketing efforts.

Coinbase released its third transparency report in December 2021, covering the period from January 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021.

According to the research, the crypto exchange has over 73 million customers from all around the world. While general cryptocurrency use has increased since the beginning of 2021, Coinbase’s revenues and total number of active traders have increased dramatically.

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