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Interview with Soclly

A brief introduction to Soclly.

SOCLLY is a decentralized social network for Web3 creators, educators, and influencers powered by AAVE’s Lens Protocol.

It enables them to form meaningful connections with their audience.

Creators, educators, and influencers can use their Lens profile to register themselves on SOCLLY and list their available time slots, skills, and fee that they’re willing to offer to the world. ocally

Anyone, as a requestor, can book a 30-minute slot with their favorite creator by mentioning their specific agenda and the top three questions they want to discuss with them. 

This platform will never ask you for personal information such as your email address, username, or phone number. SOCLLY is powered by your non-custodial wallet, such as metamask.

Fees will be collected from these requesters using stablecoins such as USDT, USDC, and DAI.

What is the purpose of SOCLLY and why was it created?

We had discussions with creators in 2020, at the height of the pandemic. We spoke with all of the incredible Web3 creators. We talked about their problems.

Few of them, for example, were unable to make meaningful connections with their audience. People rarely go on Twitter after an amazing conversation and mention the quality of their conversation with the creator.

They have to deal with far too many trolls and spam in their direct messages. There was no way to screen people based on the quality of their questions. Because most people send fillers (Hi, Hello, etc.) in DMs, which creates a lot of noise.

We built the MVP of the product after collecting their feedback and showing it to the creators. We have now launched our product after 1.5 years of rigorous development and testing. 

And now we have 15+ creators, and the number is rapidly growing.

Is it difficult for content creators to connect with their audience?

Yes, to a certain extent. Creators are having difficulty connecting with their genuine audience.

As the number of followers/audience grows, Creators begin to receive a large number of DMs on Twitter and LinkedIn, but it becomes increasingly difficult for them to respond to every DM.

There is no way for creators to filter out genuine questions from DMs, and as a result, they are unable to resolve genuine problems raised by their followers.

Soclly saves at least one hour per interaction, which is the creator’s most valuable asset. Previously, creators would coordinate the time and payment before and after the calls. 

And now, thanks to Soclly, it’s all seamless, integrated, and completely automated. 

Smart contracts provide creators with the assurance that their funds are secure. They are free to take them out whenever they want. This also increases the global appeal of their services.

SOCLLY allows creators to have:

  • A seamless way to understand their target audience’s specific needs with the help of Twitter shoutouts.
  • Collect feedback on the quality of the conversation.
  • Call scheduling in a calendar-like fashion.
  • Finally, saves at least an hour of back-and-forth communication.

Do you believe Soclly will be able to achieve its goal of simplifying connecting with web3 educators and influencers?

SOCLLY enables requestors to book the time of their favorite creators, educators, and influencers in three easy steps.

  • Set up their Metamask wallet.
  • Choose their favorite creator, educator, or influencer and mention their one-line agenda and top three questions that they’d like to discuss in stablecoins.
  • If accepted, join a call with the creators.

Requesters will be able to view the curated feeds of the creators they are following thanks to the Lens Protocol developed by AAVE. 

The goal of SOCLLY is to solve the problems that creators, educators, and influencers face today in establishing meaningful relationships. The core of Web3 is to increase user collaboration while also protecting end-user privacy, which is where SOCLLY shines handsomely.

Closing Remarks

In centralized solutions, privacy is a myth. It is the foundation upon which web3 is built in the decentralized world. 

Imagine if you had great threads on platforms like Twitter and they suddenly suspended you. 

It’s not a far-fetched possibility. 

Every day, a large number of people are confronted with this sobering reality – that they could lose all of their digital assets. Decentralized Social Networks are the need of the hour to remedy this situation.

At SOCLLY, we not only allow requesters to have a 1:1 interaction with their favorite creator for 30 minutes, but we also assist them in having full control over their digital properties such as their time, and the information they put on these platforms, so on.

* We recently got incubated in Cohort 1, the Saplings of AAVE’s Lens Protocol. 

You can find more details here

And, we are in various stages of discussion with marquee investors. 

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