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Introducing ZOI Token: The Financial Crypto Unit of Anthropos City Promoting Financial Freedom

The future of city living is here with the unveiling of Anthropos City, the first virtual community designed to help individuals live a fulfilling life through technological innovation and financial freedom. Located in Vilnius, Anthropos City offers a unique opportunity for residents to grow and thrive in an environment built on cutting-edge tools and resources.


“This is not just another city,” said Artūras (Founder & CEO). “Anthropos City is a revolutionary concept that empowers individuals to create themselves and break through limitations. It’s about becoming the person you truly want to be and experiencing limitless progress.”


One of the key features of Anthropos City is its own financial crypto unit, ZOI token. ZOI, which stands for life, allows residents to not only participate in the growth of the city but also enhance their own well-being and financial stability.


“The beauty of ZOI token lies in its ability to empower individuals,” said Gabrys. “By investing in ZOI now, you are not only supporting Anthropos City but also investing in your own future. It’s a win-win situation that promotes both personal development and financial freedom.”


With a strong focus on safety and well-being, Anthropos City aims to provide a secure environment where residents can thrive without worrying about external threats or challenges.


“Anthropos City represents more than just a place to live,” said Artūras (Founder & CEO). “It’s a new way of thinking about communities and personal growth. By joining us at Anthropos City, you are embarking on a journey towards self-discovery, improvement, communication, knowledge exchange, giving back – all within one vibrant digital ecosystem.”


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About Anthopros City:


Anthopros City is revolutionizing urban living by offering an innovative virtual community that promotes personal growth through technology-driven solutions. With its unique financial crypto unit ZOI token, Anthopros City provides residents with opportunities for both individual development and economic empowerment.


Contact details:


Contact person: Gabrys SA

Location: Elnių g. 20-11, LT-08101 Vilnius

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