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Jack Dorsey’s Decentralized Twitter Alternative Bluesky Live on App Store

With the release of Bluesky, a DApp supported by Jack Dorsey, on the Apple App Store, the enthusiasm around decentralized social media is growing. The software has been progressively gaining more users while it has been in invite-only mode.

It seems likely that a complete launch will happen sooner rather than later given the testing and feedback phase.

Bluesky is an alternative to Twitter, which generated major news in 2022. The CEO of Bluesky, Jay Graber, was quite careful to state that there is no blockchain component to Bluesky in a tweet from October 2022. Bluesky instead uses a “federated network.” Graber does point out that Bluesky was built on the AT Protocol, making it simpler to integrate with cryptocurrencies.

In October 2022, the protocol underwent a name change from ADX. In essence, federated networks provide a way for servers to connect with one another. The Bluesky team has identified account portability, algorithmic choice, interoperation, and performance as AT Protocol’s four distinctive features.

These characteristics provide customers ownership over their accounts, enabling them to switch service providers without losing any of their data or social network. Also, users will benefit from faster load times, enhanced algorithms, and greater control over their experiences.

It is one of several similar social media platforms that have gained popularity lately; Mastodon, a decentralized platform, has also seen rapid expansion. Bluesky, though, is more concerned with the protocol itself. Among the computer community, Dorsey’s interest in the development of the web is widely recognized, and his influence goes beyond Bluesky. Also, he has backed the Nostr protocol, a Twitter competitor that makes use of the Lightning Network. In December 2022, he gave the protocol 14 BTC.

Edward Snowden is another well-known person who has endorsed Nostr. No one owns it, and everyone is free to swim, the well-known whistleblower said in reference to Nostr.

Notes and Other Items Sent through Relays is referred to as Nostr. Some people think that it can increase the adoption of the scaling solution and that it facilitates Bitcoin payments through the Lightning Network.

The internet industry’s most powerful person, Jack Dorsey, is now having an impact on decentralized technology. His involvement with Block, previously known as Square, is evidence of his enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies.

While the business was still known as Square, $50 million was spent on bitcoin, and Dorsey thinks that this digital cash represents the future of the internet. He believes that venture capitalists have already dominated web3 and would like to concentrate on “web5”.


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