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Japan Exempts Cryptocurrency Issuers from Corporate Tax on Unrealized Gains, Bolstering Blockchain Sector

In a significant move to promote its blockchain and crypto sector, Japan has revised its tax law, granting cryptocurrency issuers exemption from the 30% corporate tax on unrealized gains. This tax change comes as Prime Minister Fumio Kishida seeks to drive digital finance and blockchain adoption as part of his vision for a revitalized economy, which he refers to as “new capitalism.” However, it’s important to note that cryptocurrency investors are still subject to a maximum 55% income tax on crypto-related earnings above 200,000 Japanese yen. Let’s delve into the latest developments shaping Japan’s crypto landscape.

Boost for Crypto Issuers:

The June 20 revision to the tax law by the National Tax Agency has lifted a significant burden off cryptocurrency issuers in Japan. With the exemption from the 30% corporate tax on unrealized gains, issuers can now operate with greater financial flexibility and foster growth in the blockchain and crypto sectors. This move aligns with the government’s proactive approach to stimulating innovation and economic progress.

Crypto Investors Face Income Tax:

While the tax relief is welcome news for issuers, cryptocurrency investors are still subject to income tax regulations. Earningso frm cryptocurrencies classified as “miscellaneous income” are subject to a maximum 55% tax rate for amounts exceeding 200,000 Japanese yen. This ensures that tax revenue is still collected from individuals benefiting from crypto-related gains.

Calls for Relaxed Margin Trading Limits:

The Japan Virtual & Crypto Assets Exchange Association, the country’s leading crypto industry lobby group, has urged regulators to relax crypto margin trading limits. This request aims to create a more favorable trading environment and encourage participation in the crypto market. By addressing this aspect, Japan continues positioning itself as a progressive hub for cryptocurrency activities.

MUFG Explores Stablecoin Issuance:

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. (MUFG), Japan’s largest bank, is reportedly in talks with global cryptocurrency companies regarding stablecoin issuance. MUFG’s move underscores the growing interest of traditional financial institutions in the crypto space. Recently, the bank unveiled its Progmat Coin blockchain-based platform, which enables local banks to launch stablecoins and digital assets, signaling its commitment to embracing innovative technologies.

Japan’s decision to exempt cryptocurrency issuers from corporate tax on unrealized gains bolsters the country’s blockchain and crypto sector, aligning with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s vision of “new capitalism.” While crypto investors remain subject to income tax regulations, the government’s continued support and the lobbying efforts of industry groups reflect a proactive approach toward fostering innovation. As MUFG explores stablecoin issuance and traditional financial institutions venture further into the crypto realm, Japan solidifies its position as a forward-thinking hub for the digital economy.


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