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Japanese Company To Build Sharing Economy Protocol and Launch IEO

The digital world is on a constant surge across the world and Japan is also developing on good rate. A new project named TimeCoinProtocol is developed by TimeTicket leveraging blockchain technology to create a decentralized sharing economy platform.

TimeCoinProtocol will allow for users to share economy apps to migrate from service to service. This can be done while ensuring their private data and hard earned reputations. This also makes it attractive for dApp developers to adopt.

The protocol is already being adopted for real services by the development team. The first two dApps of the many expected to use TMCN are TimeTicket and eSportStars.

TimeTicket is a Japanese sharing economy marketplace with more than 250,000 registered users, according to a report in The current marketplace functions as an intermediary between people who want to provide services by selling their own time and people who want to purchase these services from them.

TimeTicket will use the TimeCoinProtocol to offer a new decentralized marketplace with direct peer-to-peer interactions and no intermediaries, the report added.

The developers of TimeCoinProtocol are planning on launching an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) event for the TMCN token on BitForex. The schedule for the IEO will be announced soon by the exchange. Initial TMCN token supply is set at 100 millions.

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