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Jordan Peterson Tries To Comprehend The Concept of Bitcoin

In the most recent episode of his podcast, Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson appears to have become interested in Bitcoin.

The Future of Money

On August 10th, Peterson released a podcast titled “Bitcoin: The Future of Money?”. In this podcast, he interviewed a panel of Bitcoiners, including John Vallis, the Bitcoin Rapid-Fire podcast host, Bitcoin coder Der Gigi, film director Richard James, and Robert Breedlove, ex-hedge fund manager and host of the “What is Money?” show.

Additionally, in the video, Peterson gives a concise explanation of the invention that gives Bitcoin its value:

“It’s an exciting idea that in some manner, Bitcoin provides an incorruptible language of value preferable to gold.”

Peterson Not New To Bitcoin

The 59-year-old author urged his guests to share their thoughts on Bitcoin’s value to society throughout the session. He then re-articulated their responses to get a basic grasp of their essential principles.

While Peterson isn’t a crypto enthusiast, he may know more about Bitcoin than he admitted in the video. After boycotting Patreon for free speech concerns, the psychologist began taking BTC payments in 2018.

Bitcoin’s Environmental Concerns

Peterson also inquired about the visitors’ perceptions of Bitcoin’s drawbacks. Therefore, referencing Elon Musk’s environmental concerns about the asset’s mining techniques’ long-term viability.

The guests agreed that the energy necessary to run the Bitcoin network was worthwhile. They backed their argument due to the network’s transformational impact on society in terms of decentralisation. This included Gigi remarking that “society, in general, raises these issues about all kinds of things, are automobiles worth it?” Is it worthwhile to invest in smartphones? Is it worth it to use the internet?”

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