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Justin Sun’s Bombastic approach may underpin his success

Justin Sun's Bombastic approach may underpin his success

Justin sun is outspoken, raucous, and bombastic. But when it comes to his public persona, will his publicity stunts be part and parcel of his strategy. To capture Tron to the spotlight and capitalize on the cryptos momentum.

Will Justin Sun’s Bombastic approach underpin Tron’s success.

Taking Tron’s Justin Sun serious is tough. He is endlessly shilling on Twitter. Hee is also using celebrity endorsements of Lindsay Lohan’s likes. But nothing is helping him to cultivate an image of blockchain savvy.

Despite his controversial approach, there is something more interesting that is brewing beneath the surface. Though he has limited technological abilities, he managed to position himself as one of the most successful individuals in the field.

Due to his bold style of taking all the oxygen with his comments and ideas, good or bad, he was able to position himself as a mighty and prosperous Cryptopreneur. Many people within the community frown on his hollow attempts to stay in the spotlight.

Yet, there is no doubt that many of his business partnerships and acquisitions have strokes of brilliance.

Does Sun have more potential?

Though it may sound questionable to take Justin Sun more seriously in truth, taking a closer look at his business dealings gives a different story. He started with the BitTorrent acquisition, $120 million in 2018. Though the publicity was negative, Sun was on its receiving end of the wave.

Bit Torrent was one of the earliest decentralized protocol which arrived long before cryptocurrency. Bittorrents Global status will always remain a feather in Sun’s cap given its recognition and fit within the Crypto ecosystem.

Integration with DAO maker shows Sun’s another serious move to expand the Tron ecosystem of blockchain-based services. Sun shows his intentions of making Tron a hyper-competitive chain by bringing a retail focus investing initiative on board.

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