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BitBoy Armstrong was detained on livestream for a Lamborghini argument.

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Crypto luminary, Ben “BitBoy” Armstrong, finds himself in a web of controversy as reports emerge of his arrest during a live broadcast outside the residence of Carlos Diaz, his former business partner. Ben Armstrong, who formerly went by the moniker “BitBoy” in the crypto world, allegedly faced apprehension while live-streaming from outside the home of a former associate, whom he claims has possession of his prized Lamborghini. In anticipation of the YouTube stream, Armstrong teased his audience with the cryptic message, “going live soon from a very special location.” Less than an hour later, viewers witnessed Armstrong live-streaming from the residence of Carlos Diaz, a consultant and nonfungible token investor known to have affiliations with the Hit Network. During this broadcast, Armstrong launched into a tirade, accusing Diaz of conspiring to harm him and insinuating ties to the Houston mafia. In a defiant tone, he exclaimed, “I’m not scared of you, Carlos.” Around the 19-minute mark of the stream, local law enforcement intervened, questioning Armstrong about the presence of any weapons, to which he vehemently denied. Subsequently, he was instructed to place his phone down, plunging the live stream into darkness for the remaining 17 minutes. However, fragments of audio continued to capture the conversation between Armstrong and the police officers. As per records from the Gwinnett County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Office, an individual by the name of Benjamin Charles Armstrong was apprehended on September 25th at 9:11 pm local time and presently remains in custody. Notably, blockchain investigator “ZachXBT,” an outspoken critic, remarked, “Will always celebrate one of the most notorious bad actors in crypto finally getting karma.” Back in late August, the Hit Network, the entity behind the “BitBoy Crypto” brand, severed ties with its public face, Ben Armstrong, citing concerns related to substance abuse and financial harm inflicted upon employees. Since then, several legal actions have been initiated and subsequently withdrawn by various parties involved. Armstrong even sought financial support on September 20th to aid in his legal battles, a move that stirred the crypto community.

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