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Loma, Top Crypto Trader Says Three Altcoins Are Ready For Massive Spike, Leaving Dogecoin

Loma, One popular crypto trader explains that three altcoins are set to make massive runs. Meanwhile, Dogecoin (DOGE) is hesitant to make significant moves.

Loma mentions Axie Infinity (AXS), Tezos (XTZ), and Terra (LUNA) to his 206,000 Twitter followers. More so, goes further to say all the altcoins are setting up for a hug rallying up.

Furthermore, Th gaming crypto platform Axie infinity is on Loma’s list. Also, Marking $110 level as a goof entry point before seeing further upside.

“Looking to DCA (dollar cost average) down to $110 if the market would be so generous…”
“Don’t think that Axie is done if we’re in a bullish market…”
“Imagine fading something that has Infinity in its name.”

Loma gives insight…

Additionally, Next is the smart contract platform Tezos. Loma goes ahead to note how he re-entered his position in XTZ. However, its after taking profits while hitting above $9. Currently, He’s considering for a target above the $10 level.

“Re-entered with the profits I took at $8.60″
“It’s simple, I make rules like…”
“if price loses that low established before the move up, I don’t want to be in this trade anymore.”
“Unironically, people are scared to buy this, but will buy $8.50 like water.”

Lastly, Th smart contract platform Terra is also on the spotlight. Subsequently, The trader is monitoring the asset for a run back up to former highs, just under $50.

Loma continues….

“Punted what I took off back at entry…”
“Goal in a bull market is to compound as much as possible and not sell…”
“too f— early. [Yes I have my healthy allocation of Bitcoin]”

Conclusively, Loma thinks that DOGE will have to conclude between moving to new highs against Bitcoin (BTC) or dropping far lower.

“If $DOGE is going to start outperforming Bitcoin, it’s going to either be here…”
“or significantly lower [think >30% on the BTC-pairing obviously].”

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