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MANTRA (OM) Jumps 60% in a Week


  • OM, the native token of the MANTRA DeFi ecosystem, experienced a substantial 60% increase in trading volume, making it one of the top gainers on Binance.
  • NuggetRush gains attention with an impressive presale, raising over $2 million in funding.
  • NuggetRush aims to be an autonomous gaming community that combines entertainment, skill, and real-world benefits of gold and mineral mining.


The crypto market is booming with some headlines. While many altcoins are dipping in price, MANTRA (OM), the native token of the MANTRA decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, has experienced significant bullish momentum, showcasing remarkable gains across various timeframes. The token has witnessed a staggering 60% surge in trading volume over the past week. This parabolic upward rise propelled OM to the top gainers on the prominent cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

Meanwhile, NuggetRush (NUGX) has taken the spotlight within the crypto community, recording an impressive presale result. The platform aims to be a captivating and meaningful gaming experience by combining enjoyment, skill, and real-world benefits. This new DeFi crypto ecosystem guarantees security, transparency, and many chances for players worldwide.

This article explores NuggetRush presale and MANTRA surging 60% in a week.

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NuggetRush (NUGX): The Presale Trends in the Market With Astounding Results.

NuggetRush, an engaging play-to-earn game, immerses players in gold and mineral mining. This new DeFi crypto presale has become a prominent trend in the market. With over $2 million raised in five funding rounds, investors can purchase the token for $0.018 before the official launch. Upon its debut on major exchanges, it is anticipated to attain a minimum value of $0.020. 

The NUGX presale comprises five rounds, presenting distinct chances for investors to partake and establish their position in the NuggetRush ecosystem. SolidProof has verified the platform, and more than 170 million tokens have been successfully sold. After the presale concludes, 50% of tokens will be distributed across 5 claim rounds based on your project entry round. The sooner you buy, the sooner you can claim! NUGX holders can win significant prizes as a $25,000 giveaway awaits three fortunate NUGX holders at the presale’s end. 

The NuggetRush game centers on overseeing your mining venture, commencing with a modest parcel of land and fundamental equipment. As players explore an intricately crafted virtual terrain, they seek out zones with abundant mineral prospects. GameFi has transformed the process of converting gaming rewards into tangible real-world assets on this best crypto investment platform. Players can earn rewards through tournaments, quests, battles, ranked play, and various other activities, irrespective of their skill level or location.

The game strives to establish itself as the best crypto investment and a self-sufficient, income-generating community by forming partnerships with gold providers. These partners can directly deliver RUSHGEM winnings to a miner’s specified location, introducing a distinctive and prestigious aspect to the game. This unique feature enhances the tangible and memorable value of the rewards.

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MANTRA (OM): Surging as Proposals Drive Investor Interest.

MANTRA has witnessed an impressive surge, jumping 60% in a week. The rise in OM’s value comes from a DAO proposal to increase staking incentives on MANTRA Finance, the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. The proposal got overwhelming support, with 99.6% of voters backing it, resulting in a significant rise in staked OM tokens. Over 87 million OM tokens have been staked on MANTRA Finance, accounting for around 11% of the circulating supply. 

After the gove­rnance proposal to increase staking payouts by 20% was succe­ssfully passed. Investors can now look forward to earning more­ from staking their tokens. Another ne­w proposal has also been introduced, which could furthe­r boost how useful OM is. If approved, OM would become­ the primary token powering transactions on the­ MANTRA Chain. This would position it at the core of the MANTRA ne­twork and significantly expand the number of ways it can be­ applied throughout the system.



The increase in OM value and the successful implementation of the governance proposal demonstrate the growing interest and confidence in the MANTRA decentralized finance ecosystem. The continuing NuggetRush presale­ creates a stir among investors looking for top altcoins to purchase for dive­rsifying their portfolio. With its play-to-earn game and alliance­ with gold suppliers, NuggetRush offers the­ best crypto investment platform—Take­ advantage of the pre­sale by buying the token be­fore the official launch.

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