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Mayor Jayson Stewart On Giving Bitcoin To A City

Jayson Stewart is the mayor of Cool Valley, Missouri and in a recent episode broadcast discusses giving bitcoin to his constituents. He also went further to discuss why Bitcoin is fundamentally American.

According to Jayson Stewart, Bitcoin fits perfectly into his purpose to right all the wrongs by enabling citizens to have freedom.

Jayson Stewart is an environmentalist, entrepreneur and he is the mayor of Cool Valley, Missouri as at 2020.

Additionally, He is widely known when he announced that he would AirDrop all Cool Valley citizens $500 of bitcoin.

In this episode, Jayson Stewart expresses that he wants to expose everyone to bitcoin.

So, according to him was the reason why he wanted to become a mayor.

Furthermore, He continues how the plans and strategies around giving over 1,000 people access to bitcoin.

Jayson Stewart, Bitcoin To Improve Community

For Instance, He believes that the most important thing is ensuring that Bitcoin will pursue of social change.

This will improve his community. Of course, it will improve the community and uplift people along the way.

“It’s given me a new way of thinking about humanity in the future,” Stewart said.

“It’s given me a hope, and an optimism that we can overcome some of the worst parts of the system that we’re born into, and actually create a future exactly how we want it to be. There’s a certain level of hope and optimism that I get from Bitcoin.”

Also, Jayson Stewart explains how Bitcoin is fundamentally American, and how other cities in Missouri reacts to his idea.

“Bitcoin is fundamentally American,” Stewart said. “It is the most American thing. Our government is built on freedom and personal liberty, and rights and self-sovereignty, and all of the things that Bitcoin really is. I think it’s a natural marriage that Bitcoin in America will thrive.”

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