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MetaMask and MoonPay have teamed together to make fiat on ramp easier

Users of MetaMask can now utilize Moonpay to top up their cryptocurrency wallets. Moonpay, a renowned payment service, has partnered with MetaMask, a leading crypto wallet provider, to allow customers to buy ETH using mainstream payment methods.

So, MoonPay is continuing its goal to bring the entire world onto the Web3 platform. MoonPay now has access to over 30 million Metamask users around the world as a result of this partnership.

Moonpay appears to be well on its way to making crypto easier, having recently announced partnerships with OpenSea and Selfridges. Of course, as well as receiving $87 million in funding from a number of celebrities.

Moonpay’s most recent statement on its blog explains the benefits of MetaMask, including its simpler connecting mechanism to many of the most popular NFT marketplaces and its transparency when it comes to transaction gas fees when using the app.

Buying cryptocurrency with MoonPay and Metamask

Existing and new Metamask users will need to update to the latest versions, Mobile v4.4 and Extension v10.13, in order to use MoonPay. Until now, you had to buy Ethereum on an external exchange and then transfer it to MetaMask.

MoonPay has made the procedure easier by integrating its app within the Metamask interface.

Existing MetaMask users must upgrade to utilize MoonPay, then click the blue buy button to purchase Ethereum with MoonPay.

Users can immediately add funds to their MetaMask accounts via MoonPay. Thereby, eliminating the need for external centralized exchanges in the middle. Making blockchain wallets more accessible and user-friendly, such as Metamask, is expected to aid in the onboarding of newcomers to the blockchain industry.

Moonpay also sent out a tweet announcing the agreement, which included some simple slides demonstrating how the mobile versions of both apps could function together.

Adoption is subject to several regulations. Despite the fact that the service is available worldwide, some US states. Including New York, Texas, Louisiana, Rhode Island, Hawaii, and the US Virgin Islands, are unable to acquire Ethereum via MoonPay.

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