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MetaMask now allows iPhone users to purchase cryptocurrency using Apple Pay

MetaMask released a slew of changes to its mobile version 4.3.1 on March 29, the most notable of which was the addition of Apple Pay support.

The hitch is that Apple does not enable crypto payments directly through its platform, so you’ll have to go through Wyre, which does and interacts with Apple Pay.

Users may now purchase cryptocurrency using their debit or credit cards, removing the requirement to transmit ETH to the app ahead of time. Using their Visa or Mastercards and the Wyre API. Of course, Apple Pay customers can deposit a daily maximum of $400 into their wallet.

MetaMask also makes use of the Transak payment infrastructure, which allows users to purchase cryptocurrency using their credit or debit cards. Those who want to use either payment platform, however, must go through the KYC (know-your-customer) process.

However, using MetaMask on layer-1 incurs gas taxes, which the company claims it does not profit from. MetaMask has its own fees of 0.875 percent of the transaction value.

Support for gasless transactions, which is when private blockchains, or a project or protocol. Also, pay for the gas on behalf of the user, was one of the other enhancements.

MetaMask now boasts over 30 million monthly active users, making it one of the most widely used cryptocurrency wallets on the market. ConsenSys, the Ethereum solutions company behind the wallet, has announced a $450 million financing round.

MetaMask will launch its own coin and DAO, according to ConsenSys CEO Joseph Lubin. That’s, who made the announcement on March 16. Although there was little information on the coin. So, long-term MetaMask users will be expecting for an airdrop similar to that of Uniswap.

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