Microsoft Launches Copilot AI App With ChatGPT-4 Capabilities For Android
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Microsoft Launches Copilot AI App With ChatGPT-4 Capabilities For Android

Microsoft has quietly launched a standalone app for its Android devices that provides access to its Copilot AI assistant with ChatGPT-4 capabilities.

Though the app’s release was first reported widely on Dec. 26, its Google Play page indicates that it was last updated on Dec. 19.

The app’s store page describes Copilot as a “pioneering chat assistant” from Microsoft and touts its ability to produce “fast, complex, and precise responses” in response to questions and images from text descriptions.

The app’s store page additionally notes that the app is powered by GPT-4 and DALL-E 3, though users can toggle GPT-4 on and off inside the app. 

Copilot appears to provide one way to access GPT-4 at no cost, though it is unclear what limitations apply in the current version of the app.

Copilot’s store page lists several security and privacy features. It says that the app does not collect data or share data with third parties. It further notes that it provides data encryption and allows users to request the deletion of their data.

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Copilot Scores Well In Android Store

Copilot has been reasonably well-received: users have given the app a 3.8-star rating overall and have praised the app for its free access model. 

However, users have criticized the app for slow speed, poor responses, and lack of integration with Android through a widget. Users have also highlighted the fact that Copilot is accessible through Microsoft’s other apps.

Though Copilot is unavailable on iOS, an unverified report from WindowsLatest suggests that an iOS version could be in progress.

Aside from its Copilot product, Microsoft’s AI strategy involves the design of an in-house AI chip called Maia and involvement and investment in OpenAI.

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