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MoonPay Oushes Into Retail Space With New Crypto App

MoonPay, a crypto payments company located in Miami, is continuing to broaden the scope of its offerings by releasing an app targeted toward retailers. This morning, a statement said that the software, which has been undergoing testing since March with 15,000 early access customers, is now generally accessible on the app stores maintained by both Apple and Google.

MoonPay has found that its customers need the ability to manage several crypto wallets and hundreds of different tokens. Of its users, 55% have transacted with three or more wallets. The software will enable users to manage multiple crypto wallets and hundreds of various tokens.

MoonPay’s fundamental business strategy consists on offering on- and off-ramps for payment infrastructure to consumer-facing firms operating in the cryptocurrency area. The app is another divergence from this paradigm. MoonPay has also been actively growing into the NFT sector since the latter half of 2021. The company has introduced new products, such as a concierge service for brokering large-scale purchases and a platform that assists large brands in orchestrating their own NFT drops.

Ivan Soto-Wright, co-founder and CEO of MoonPay, said in a statement that the new app is designed “to provide our millions of customers with a new way to engage with their cryptocurrencies and digital assets and to provide the foundation for our leading brand partners and creators to continue their adoption within the web3 ecosystem.” The statement was released after Soto-Wright said that the app is designed “to provide our millions of customers with a new way to engage with their cryptocurrencies and digital assets.”

MoonPay now collaborates with over 500 partners, including wallets, exchanges, and commercial brands across various industries.


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