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NFT profile pictures are being tested on Reddit, but ‘no decisions have been made’

Reddit is experimenting with NFT profile images on its site, only a week after Twitter introduced a similar option.

In 2021, the famous social networking platform had approximately 430 million monthly users, and it’s rumored that it’s working on an NFT profile picture implementation, which will let users to set their profile picture to any non-fungible token with an attached image.

Reddit representative Tim Rathschmidt said in an interview with Techcrunch on January 27 that:

“We’re always exploring ways to provide value for users and communities on Reddit. At the moment we’re testing the ability to use NFTs as profile pictures (avatars) and verify ownership.”

“It’s a small, internal test and no decisions is reach about expanding or rolling out the capability,” he adds.

An app developer earlier this week shared a Reddit poster promoting the functionality, implying that the tests are already well underway.

Last week, Twitter released NFT profile pictures for Twitter Blue subscribers on iOS. NFTs, on the other hand, have recently received a lot of flak from gamers and Web2 developers. A github contributor shared a browser extension a day after the introduction that automatically disables Twitter accounts with NFT profile images.

Then, For quite some time, Reddit has been experimenting with numerous NFT-related efforts. More so, At, it even has a dedicated page for NFT-related activities.

So, The company will launch cryptocurrency tokens for its /r/cryptocurrency and /r/Fortnite communities in May 2020. MOONs and BRICKs were the names of the tokens, which are based on Ethereum specifications.

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