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One of the top ten UFC flyweight fighters will be paid in Bitcoin.

The current #7 flyweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has pledged to collect all of his future fight earnings in Bitcoin using Bitwage, a Bitcoin-based payroll service.

UFC flyweight athlete Matheus Nicolau has committed to collect his future salaries from the organization in Bitcoin, according to a press release from Bitwage. Nicolau is the first Latin American UFC fighter to “accept a Bitcoin paycheck.”

Source: UFC Fighter Rankings (as of 26 March 2022)

Nicolau plans to use the Bitwage payroll service, which he claims will help him safeguard the value of his job. The Brazilian native added that he has come to see the significance of Bitcoin, which has surged onto the South American market due to inflation.

Nicolau says in a statement:
“I’m thrilled to be receiving my earnings in bitcoin,”
So, Nicolau states
“As an athlete, I work hard to earn a living for myself, but with rising inflation”
” I worry that this hard work goes to waste. By using Bitwage to earn bitcoin,”
” I know that I am securing the value of my work.”

Nicolau’s manager, Vinicius Las Casas, stated that they are “extremely bullish” on Bitcoin and that the latest deal will help spread the “Bitcoin gospel.” The manager also indicated that he will use Bitwage to collect a percentage of his salary in Bitcoin.

Bitwage, which bills itself as “the world’s largest Bitcoin payroll, invoicing, and benefits firm,”

Thereby, allows people and businesses to convert monthly earnings to Bitcoin.

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