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Optimism’s Major Mainnet Upgrade to Bedrock Set for June 6

Scaling solution for layer 2 On June 6, Optimism will receive its much-anticipated Bedrock makeover. The change is expected to result in significantly lower transaction fees, improved network security, and improved interoperability with Ethereum.

The Optimism team informed on Twitter on May 15 that the network will be down for 2-4 hours on June 6 as part of the upgrade. “On upgrade day, transactions, deposits, and withdrawals will be unavailable for the duration of the downtime, and the OP Mainnet chain will not be progressing,” according to a blog post accompanying the announcement.

Bedrock was initially revealed in May 2022, and it is the first major network upgrade approved by the Optimism governance council’s Token House.

Lower transaction prices are expected to boost optimism, according to OP Labs, the network’s protocol development team. “Bedrock improves on its predecessor by reducing transaction fees using optimised batch compression and Ethereum as a data availability layer; shortening delays of including L1 transactions in rollups by handling L1 re-orgs more gracefully,” according to the Bedrock explainer on the Optimism community.

In addition, the network will see reduced deposit times, with Optimism going from around 10 minutes to confirm a deposit to just 3 minutes with Bedrock, according to the explainer.

While node software performance will be “significantly improved by enabling the execution of several transactions in a single rollup’block’ as opposed to the prior ‘one transaction per block’ model in the previous version.”

Another significant advancement is the network’s interoperability with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), the central piece of software that performs Ethereum smart contracts.

The network will remove “multiple deviations” from Ethereum and the EVM that were present in Optimism, such as different code, design patterns, and transaction per block models, with Bedrock. “Bedrock also adds support for EIP-1559, chain re-orgs, and other Ethereum features present on L1,” according to the explanation.

The anticipated shift to Bedrock comes at a time when EVM compatible zero-knowledge rollups (ZkEVMs) are displacing optimistic rollup solutions like Optimism. According to L2beat statistics, Matter Labs’ recently announced ZkEVM In terms of network activity, ZKSync Era has surpassed Optimism.

ZKSync Era has seen 7.85 million transactions in the last 30 days, while Optimism has seen 7.66 million. While, in the last 24 hours, ZKSync Era has outperformed Optimism in terms of average transactions per second (TPS), with 6.80 TPS versus 2.98 TPS.


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